La Valigia-Stop Motion Short Film

An old man is sitting on the edge of a bed in a bare room with stoned walls, his face furrowed with deep wrinkles and his unkempt beard, gnarled hands still full of life, curved shoulders: he is alone and thoughtful. A small and ramshackle window with bars is the only outlet to the outside. In front of him he has a mysterious suitcase. Opening it the man finds himself in his hands the photographs and the personal effects of a whole life. Thus begins the sequence of memories and visions, synapses of the mind that come to life and invade the room of the elderly bringing him back in time, first adult then boy, finally child. PRIZES: -BornShort Film Festival 2014: Best Animation Award - Corto Dorico 2014: Best short film -BazzaCinema 2015: Best Screenplay -Lo Spiraglio FF 2015: Best Film -Premio Morandini Corti d'Autore: Winner - Nastri d'argento - Corti 2015: Fifth finalist - David di Donatello 2015: Fifth finalist - Kalat Nissa Film Festival 2015: Best Animation Film - ShorTS Int. Maremetraggio 2015: Best Italian Production - Cast Film Festival 2015: Special Award Best movies - Pázmány Film Festival 2015: Best Italian Film - Arno Stream Fest: Best short movie - Genova Film Festival 2015: Critics Award - Toko Film Festival 2015: Best Screenplay - Metricamente Corto 2015: Best Screenplay - Corto di Sera 2015: Special prize. F.N.C. Gold frame - Ke Corto Film Festival 2015: Best animated short film - Parma Intl. Music FF 2015: Best Renaissance 2.0 soundtrack DIRECTOR Pier Paolo Paganelli SUBJECT AND SCRIPT Laura Castaldini, Pier Paolo Paganelli WITH Roberto Herlitzka Rodolfo Bianchi Alex Polidori Riccardo Suarez PRODUCED BY Ivan Olgiati, Stefania Marconi, Daniele Paganelli ASSOCIATED PRODUCER Gloria Giorgianni per Anele PHOTOGRAPHY DIRECTOR Gianmarco Rossetti EDITING Davide Rossetti ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Guglielmo Trautvetter ANIMATION Giacomo Giuriato SOUNDTRACK Matteo Malferrari PUPPET MAKER Matteo Burani POST PRODUCTION Jacopo Gaustini, Luca Lazzarin DIGITAL VIDEO EFFECTS Sara Passuti SOUND Giovanni Frezza PROMOTION Stefania Marconi, Chiara Galloni DISTRIBUTION Paolo Pellicano


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