Music Video

I can't even speak english - studio croma


A short video promo in honor of the launch of “I can’t even speak english” by Husky Loops. Almost a year passed from the creation of “Every Time I Run” and for its anniversary we had fun making another video all in stop motion animation, oil animation on glass and pixillation!
We gave to this vinyl a face and turned into animation!

Studio Croma - Ballata dei calzini spaiati

La Ballata dei calzini Spaiati

It is difficult to separate from the people we love: when it happens, the risk of falling into melancholy is always around the corner. But to retrieve the smile, just think that those who separate can always find themselves … just like two socks unlined!

Studio Croma 2017

Studio Croma - ETIR

Husky Loops – Every time i run (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Music video for UK band Husky Loops by Studio Croma animation

-Director and Puppet maker: Matteo Burani

-Animator and Post producer: Arianna Gheller

-Storyboard artist: Gianmarco Valentino

-Post producer: Elisabetta Belloni

-Cleaning & rig removal: Silvia Vinciguerra

-Set construction: Mattia Camangi

Starring: Studio Croma’s puppets, Husky Loops, Mei and Count Counsellor.

Thanks to the Orchard UK

Official selection to Stop Motion Our Fest, Argentina